timelessly effective marketing tips

Timelessly Effective Marketing Tips

Always Stay Relevant with these 3 Timelessly Effective Marketing Tips

With the recent passing of iconic stars like Natalie Cole, Motörhead’s Lemmy and the enigmatic David Bowie, many feel that we’ve lost a little of the magic that great artists seem to exude during their mortal years. Gone, however, does not mean forgotten, and these legends seem to have imprinted their influence on modern culture in a truly in-erasable way. When approaching online marketing, it can be tempting to look to the newest techniques and the latest gadgets that supposedly ensure customer interest and interaction, but sometimes, the oldies really are the goodies. So, in honor of the passing of some incredible artists, we would like to offer a list of classic and timelessly effective marketing tips. Enjoy:

It’s Doctor – not Mister

Establishing yourself as an expert in your field is an integral part of branding. Not only do you want your competitors and potential customers to know what you do, you want them to know you’re good at what you do. Establishing your company as the most effective and valuable source of a specific good or services means communicating with your target audience with confidence and competence.

Get Physical with It

While print mail seems to have gone out of the limelight, the effectiveness of this form of marketing is undeniable. Particularly for families with young children, the likelihood of following up on a product or service is considerably more likely when print mail has been one line of communication. Brochures, coupons, and seasonal deals are not only useful in email form, but print as well, as they often reach a larger audience who does not have consistent access to the internet. It’s a classic form of marketing that truly never gets old.

Bring Back the Sweepstakes

What gained popularity in the 1950s is having a resurgence among millennials this year. Today’s digital marketers measure metrics like website traffic and email list size, and collaborating with other brands on a sweepstakes is a quick tool to grow both. It seems consumers can’t help but get a little excited when a sweepstakes is on the line, and businesses can take this opportunity to profit!
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