A Stat’s a Stat.

It’s no secret that small businesses use social media to promote themselves. With the huge amount of information and entertainment available online, however, it’s pretty tough to stand out.

Today, let’s talk about stats, facts, and reasons why there’s a disconnect between your current social media presence and your business’ ideal online success.

First Off..

Most small businesses, 75% in fact, believe that Internet marketing is an effective tool for attracting new customers. That means that three quarters of small business owners acknowledge that Internet marketing works in a big way, yet a large percentage of these businesses do not have a successful online persona. Why?

Well, while 74% of small businesses surveyed have a website, only 56% reported that their website has a responsive design. Ouch. Responsive design is incredibly important in attracting and maintaining a customer base.

Only 29% of small business owners say they understand digital marketing and can do it themselves, 28% are trying to learn, and 10% would like to but don’t have the time. Only 2% of small business owners think that digital marketing won’t work for them, and we happen to agree with the other 98%. What we want to see happen, however, is small businesses being connected to their online client base, and sometimes that means getting connected with experts first.

Do you know how many customers are looking for your business online? Seongo does. We have resources through our new partner, Yellow Pages, to rock your business’s world. We want to get you connected with your potential customers as soon as possible, and, better yet, we can.

What We Can Do

Seongo can offer your business a free online marketing consultation, including specific numbers and a variety of potential SEO and SMM plans. This consultation includes a competitive analysis so you can check out how your competition is doing and a custom online marketing plan, so you can do it better.

Our goal is to give your business a leg up on the competition, a spotlight, a pedestal, but we don’t want to take the reins out of your hands. If you do feel hesitant to work with our team of professionals, however, we also offer one-on-one, personalized SEO lessons, in which one expert will teach and guide you to online success.

It’s a win-win, either way. Seongo wants to help your business, not hurt it. So call us today, get a free consultation, and start building a professional, personalized, and effective online persona for your business.

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