small business holiday shopping

Small Business Holiday Shopping

‘Tis the Season for Small Business Holiday Shopping Success!

Alright everyone, the holidays are upon us! That means that it’s time for many people to be engaging in small business holiday shopping. In order to take full advantage of this time of year, businesses are making some crucial moves for preparation. Don’t be left in the dust. Get your business ready for the wild holiday season with these 3 tips.

Personalize Your Campaign
The holidays are a sweet spot to hit your consumers with emotion-based marketing campaigns. Make them laugh, make them cry, make them smile, make them blush. It’s the season for both hopeless romantics and hopeless cynics. As a small business owner, you need to decide what angle you will approach this time of year. Once you decide on the ideal reaction you want from your campaign, you can start making real moves to customize your approach. Theme, colors, language, and tone all contribute to how your customer receives your holiday marketing. So, make a perfect impression this time of year. We know this can be tough for a small business during a busy season, in which case we highly recommend outsourcing. Let Seongo boost your Google search results, streamline your webpage content, and create a personalized Social Media campaign just for you.

Online Deals are Key
We all know people love Cyber Monday, but seasonal online shopping definitely doesn’t end there. From early shoppers to last minute gifters, online shopping is often the first choice for easy holiday buying. Whether you prefer offering a major half-off pre-existing deals, a promo code for a smaller deal, or free shipping, your customers notice who’s giving them the best bang for their buck this December! We recommend multiple deals throughout the season, each with a deadline that motivates immediate action. Multiple deals keep consumers interested and alert for new opportunities to visit your website, and deadlines imply an urgency that encourages them to buy before the deal is replaced by another.

Don’t Let Them Forget You!
Besides having a memorable holiday marketing campaign, your business can make another key move in order to maintain consumer attention. Multi-channel marketing, or providing consistent information about your deals on every platform, is so important during the holidays. With a flood of attention-grabbing deals in their face every moment, consumers can forget about even the best products or services if they aren’t reminded. Take advantage of Seongo’s services and ensure your business is putting its best face forward on every social media platform this holiday season! We are happy to offer one free keyword ranking for a limited time in order to show you just what we can do for your business.

Don’t let the holidays pass without making your customers feel the love! Make sure your company is invested in the rewarding business of seasonal deals this Christmas. If you would like to hear more about the services that Seongo can provide, please visit our website or email us today at


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