1 on 1 Internet Marketing Lessons

Video Chat Lessons with 150% Money Back Guarantee (Yes, we’re that confident)

SEO is an integral skill in the world of online marketing. And while Seongo offers some excellent packages that include both on and off the page SEO, we know some of you like to get your hands a little dirty. So, for the DIYers, we’d like to offer exclusive 1 on 1 Internet Marketing lessons with our in-house professionals. This means you’ll have an experienced member of our team available in real-time to guide you through the steps of learning SEO and answer any of your questions.

Our SEO mentors are qualified, friendly, and passionate about sharing their skills. We encourage anyone who loves a hands-on approach to pursue this route for the ultimate online marketing skill set.

Show Me Qualifications

And guess what? If you somehow finish the lesson disappointed, we will refund you 150%. This means that we will not only give your money back, but we’ll throw half the original price on top for wasting your time. That may sound crazy, but we’re crazy about offering you the best bang for your buck.

We’re confident in our offer because we know it’s a good one. Sign up with one of our professionals and start becoming an SEO expert today.

*Disclaimer: The 150% money back guarantee is only valid after your first lesson and loses its value the moment you book your second lesson with us*