new years business resolutions

New Years Business Resolutions

The Art of Taking Advice for New Year’s Business Resolutions

If you’re an entrepreneur, chances are that through conversation people are quick to give free advice. “That’s a good idea you have, but here’s how I would do it. You ought to consider doing it this way instead.” You know the rigmarole. Sometimes it can be refreshing to hear someone’s opinion on your business, offering true insight and maybe even leading to a realization that you would have completely missed had you not talked about it. Other times, this “advice” can be annoying and hazardous to the integrity and mission of your business in the first place. Being able to discern helpful from destructive is a skill that you probably have already acquired by now – but with the eve of New Year’s steadily approaching, it’s important to refresh your senses as to not make a hasty decision to take your business in a direction you can’t afford for the coming year.

Change – The Only Constant

Undoubtedly you’ve made great changes to your business over the course already – unless you are a genius of marketing and business strategy and have a product that will stand the test of time without any modifications, in which case maybe you should contact us so you can write a guest blog. For the rest of the population, change is something we’re comfortable with. We’re used to it, and we know when it’s on the horizon (or at least we have some sort of clue).  The trouble often comes with the previously mentioned example of being able to discern good advice from bad advice when someone offers any advice at all to you. The trick is simple, in imagining the future under this advice does it give you a bad feeling or a good feeling? Now, this isn’t meant to sound demeaning of belittling to our readers. With the New Year around the corner, we often fall under the guise of thinking about taking business in a completely different direction without thinking it through – and this is when advice becomes dangerous. Yes, change is good and the New Year is a great time to start implementing change as long as you’ve thought deeply about it. Don’t jump headfirst into an idea just because it’s a New Year, that’s really the point!

While for some this may seem like common sense, we find it important to at least offer advice (heh, heh) on the topic in hopes that maybe it reaches someone. If you want to start reaching out to an audience you’ve never been able to contact before, considering contacting us for more information. We would like to wish everyone a safe and happy New Year.

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