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Happy Thanksgiving from Seongo: Our Guide to the Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving: It’s That Time of Year Again
(Thankfully We Brought Tips)

It’s that time of year again, and we want to say Happy Thanksgiving! While Thanksgiving is days away, and hundreds of Americans will be carbo-loading Thursday afternoon for a night and morning of shopping chaos. This is the week that invites full-blown holiday anticipation, gift planning, and a chance for your favorite stores to whip out the holly and cut down the prices. Whether you’re a Black Friday fanatic, a Small Business Saturday celebrator, a Cyber Monday superstar, or some combination of all three, if you’re anything like the rest of us you know two things: Sometimes, holiday sales can save you time and money and sometimes, they can waste both.

While no one can guarantee you a completely hassle-free day shopping this weekend, Seongo wants to offer you our best tips to keep in mind and keep you sane.

Black Friday

Black Friday isn’t just on Friday anymore. Some devoted shoppers are braving the mall to get deals that start fairly early on Thursday afternoon. These deals, however, running from about 5 pm Thursday until close, are not the same ones that greet the 7 am shoppers on Friday morning. So keep this in mind whether you choose to go out Thursday or save your energy for the next morning.

The best Black Friday sales are typically on electronics and appliances. Don’t get blindsided by these dramatic deals and feel forced to make big decisions in the middle of a wild crowd. Do your research first. (Don’t worry, it’s the easiest research ever.) Just check the online inventory of your favorite stores, or, better yet, call the stores early in the week to get an idea of what products you can expect to be on the floor Friday morning. They won’t always be able to give you a guess, but it’s always worth a shot.

On the day of the sales, people get aggressive, lines get cut, and (in some cases) headlines are made by mindless tragedies during a time meant for celebration. We encourage everyone who’s braving crowds this Thursday and weekend to keep in mind who they’re shopping for and to not lose sight of how incredibly fortunate we are for being able to enjoy this time of joviality and good cheer.

Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is, of course, our personal favorite day this shopping weekend. Local businesses everywhere are becoming more and more involved in providing sales and special experiences for regular shoppers who are looking for great holiday deals without quite as much of the hectic holiday shopping scene. Check your local business’ social media profiles and websites for extra information about upcoming deals. Many local businesses will offer snacks and drinks to enrich the holiday shopping experience, and most offer free gift-wrapping. Saturday is a great day to find unique gifts for reasonable prices, and the atmosphere tends to be a lot less hectic than the preceding day.

Cyber Monday

While electronics tend to be the hallmark deals on Friday, Monday boasts great fashion and home décor sales. With most retailers offering free shipping with no minimum purchase on this day, you can feel good about ordering small home items, jewelry, or single pieces of clothing for websites and getting it shipped to your door for no extra cost.

Sales start early, and devoted shoppers love being able to make purchases in their pajamas. So if you’re competing for deals on Cyber Monday, make sure you’ve got a cart ready Sunday night and you make your orders as soon as possible on Sunday. Sizes sell out quickly, so do your homework beforehand so you’re ready to click “Buy” and enjoy the rest of your weekend!
We hope everyone remembers the truly valuable things this week, and while we all hunt for the best deals, let’s keep in mind all those less fortunate than ourselves. Sales are great and shopping is a ton of fun, but remember to have patience when you’re stuck in an hour long line with a bunch of strangers. It’s never too late to spread a grateful Thanksgiving spirit or too early to spread Christmas joy.

Since you’ll be saving big bucks this weekend, we encourage all of our readers to put some of the money you saved towards a deserving cause. If you don’t have a favorite non-profit, or you’re interested in supporting an amazing organization that meets the housing and lifestyle needs of the developmentally disabled, visit the website of our favorite non-profit, The Smile of Hopatcong at http://smilefil.org/

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving, everyone!

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