Seongo Internet Marketing

We are your personal search engine optimization consultant.

Search engine optimization consultant

We are dedicated to producing the best work possible…

Working with Seongo means you are working with a top-notch search engine optimization consultant, responsive web designer, social media marketing expert, or iOS developer.

When you work with Seongo you won’t just be a client, you’ll be part of the family.

We believe that your business is worth investing in – with the wide range of design and marketing services we offer, we promise that you will see results. We believe that it is our job to make sure you, our client, are satisfied with our work. We personally walk with you through every step of the processes to ensure total satisfaction.

Our Core Values

We Foster Education

Not only do we educate ourselves in order to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends, but we seek to educate our clients to the extent that we’re not speaking gibberish at them. We want you to know what we’re talking about and appreciate the work that we do. That will only come through being educated on the online marketing process.

We Pursue Excellence

“Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.” – Pat Riley. We take that to heart. Complacency is the devil is our workplace. The only way to survive in our competitive market is to relentlessly continue to enhance our knowledge and hone our skills. Why do we do this? Well it’s to keep you, our client, happy with our relationship.

We Practice Honesty

Honesty and transparency are two traits that we will never stray from. The moment you sign up for our services, a client portal is made for you. Within this portal of yours you can find a work log (so you can see EVERYTHING that we do for you), your weekly analytical reports and even leave comments on certain tasks.

We Create Fun

Yes, we can be weird at times, but weird people are fun, right? People like to be entertained. This is what we do for you online. We make your online presence something that people can enjoy and actually learn from (even if you’re the local funeral home). What’s work without a little fun mixed in. Create awareness, create desire, and motivate transaction.

Why Us?


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    Work with an entire team instead of hiring an employee to do your internet marketing & pay us less.

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    You can feel free to communicate with us 24/7. It is not unusual for a client to send us a text at 11pm.

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    You don’t pay for benefits, you don’t pay for taxes, you don’t even pay for vacation days. Sounds like a great gig, huh?

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    No vacation time. While your employees may take vacations at inconvenient times, Seongo will always be working.

Weekly Check-Ins

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    Don’t worry, we’ll send you an email each week reminding you to check your personal client portal containing your reports and work log.

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    Want to compare results month to month? No problem. Just ask and we can put together a customized report for you.

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    We log everything we do for you in your client portal. Know what your paying for, we know what we’re paying for.

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    Reports are stored on file for 1 year, then are consolidated into a yearly report that can be used to compare results year after year.

Ongoing Discovery

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    Our hand is always on the throttle to stay updated. We like to be one of the first to know about changes in our industry.

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    Whether it be hardware or software, you can be sure that your account is being handled by nothing but the latest and greatest.

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    Do you think we should be doing something that we’re not? We’re glad you’re weighing your options! Let’s talk about your ideas.

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    Comprehensive analytics provide us with the data we need to focus on the best methods to bring your business fresh leads.

“Produce real results, continuously enhance knowledge, relentlessly hone skills, be the best for the Best.”Seongo Mission Statement