4 Crucial Holiday SEO Tips: Early Christmas Gift to You

4 Crucial Holiday SEO Tips

Now that we are in the midst of the holiday season, we all want to maximize the traffic to our websites, in hopes of turning those visits into sales, either online or in-store. And we certainly don’t want anything risking our search rankings in the process.
With that in mind, here are 4 crucial holiday SEO tips you can follow to enhance your search rankings during the holidays, to boost traffic and sales.

Get More Customer Reviews

People tend to shop, dine out, and travel more during the holiday season than at other times of the year, which means you will likely see more customers as a result.
Asking customers to leave a review is one of the best things that you can do to help your search engine rankings, especially if you are a local business. The more reviews you have, the better, where SEO is concerned.

Update Your Website

It has been proven time and time again that search engines like it when you keep your site up-to-date.
Updating your site’s home page often during the holiday season can help boost search returns. These could be as small as adding a “17 days until Christmas” type of message or refreshing the page with an updated “deal” each day. If you own a restaurant, add a “featured product” or “featured appetizer” to the home page, and rotate it regularly.
If you have a blog, adding a new post regularly help your site’s SEO. Posts don’t have to be lengthy; a couple of paragraphs of text and a related photo will suffice. Share the post on your social media accounts and include a link, to drive traffic.

Perfect Your SMM

It’s important to maintain an overall online presence, which not only includes updates to your website but social media as well. Along with browsing websites, prospective customers use social media to find information. Search engines track user engagement and links to your site on social media.
While there’s technically no proven link between tweets, likes, and shares and actual search engine rankings, social media activity plays a significant role in your online visibility.

Perform an Audit

You wouldn’t want to change your link strategy during the holidays altogether, but it’s a good idea to perform a quick audit of your website’s links. Seongo would be happy to help you by starting with an entirely free consultation including one free keyword ranking. Visit today at http://seongo.com/free-seo-keyword-ranking/.

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