4 Business Tips to Keep it Classy this Holiday Season

4 Business Tips to Keep it Classy this Holiday Season

4 Business Tips to Keep it Classy this Holiday Season

Santa Claus is coming to town, and he’s joined by the influx of countless holiday deals, discounts, and bargains. How will your company stand out among the masses? We believe your best moves as a business this holiday season will be the ones that get you business now and later – before Christmas and after the mad rush is over. Seongo focuses on streamlined online marketing to keep your target audience your customer base and to maintain wonderful client relationships. We would love to help your business develop an effective online presence this season, but even if you’re not interested in our services, we also want to give you some great holiday business tips. Here are 4 business tips to keep it classy this holiday season:

Get Seasonal in the Office

Offering your employees incentivized competitions can result in chaos if it’s not orchestrated well, but a light-hearted “race” for the best business leads or even the best holiday logo can get everyone in the holiday mood. We definitely don’t recommend putting anyone’s holiday bonus on the line, but we do recommend a real gift to make sure the competition is taken seriously and not completely blown off. Examples of an appropriate incentive might be a gift card to a nice local restaurant, a mid-priced speaker, or a hefty holiday treat basket.

Get Seasonal Online

Your customers, just like you, are getting ready to celebrate the holidays- don’t forget that when you market! From social media to website appearance, your business can remind clients that the holidays are coming up and you have great products to offer! If you can, organizing a gift guide for your website can be extremely effective for guiding otherwise uninterested buyers into browsing when they see “Gifts for Her” and remember they forgot to get that co-worker or sister-in-law a gift!

Share Some Seasonal Love

Customers aren’t stupid, and many like to get especially thrifty this holiday season. So if your website is boasting great spirit but lacking any deals, they notice! And if you’re boasting some deals, but lacking realistic or generous deals, they notice too! Think about the kind of deals you look for when shopping for Christmas and let that be a guide for what you should offer. Bulk deals on products you can personalize are crucial for nabbing shoppers who just want to spend a moment getting a great gift for a bunch of friends or family. Christmas is the time to offer your products in all the colors, all the styles, and all the sizes!

Get Extra Generous

The holiday season really is all about the love. Sending small gifts or even just holiday cards to your most loyal customers is a kind act that does not go unnoticed. The Christmas season is a great time to say “Thank You, we appreciate your business.”

We hope everyone is as excited for the holidays as we are! Check out our Twitter feed for more holiday marketing tips, tech news, and business inspiration!

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